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An Evening with Brad Jersak

Brad Jersak

On Saturday 11th October 2014, we shared an amazing evening in the company of Brad Jersak. Brad was an inspiration to many of us through his mixture of teaching, demonstration and stories.

Based in Canada, Brad is an internationally known author, lecturer and speaker. One book well worth reading on prophetic engagement is, ‘Can you Hear Me?’. You can find out more about Brad via his website here.

With a mixture of teaching, experience, demonstrations and stories, Brad explored ways to learn about and enter into a deeper and more dynamic personal relationship with Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit. Many were touched by the presence and power of God and after ministry towards the end of the evening, some reported receiving physical healing.

Brad also demonstrated, “The Gospel in Chairs”. Please click on the image below to view an interview and similar presentation that he made in 2013.

The Gospel in Chairs- Brad Jersak from Mark Lowe on Vimeo.