Growing the Kingdom of God through prophetic ministry

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Paul Green speaking at a recent SOLE meeting

What is Speakers of Life ?

The goal of Speakers of Life Essex, also known as SOLE, is to grow the Kingdom of God through prophetic ministry, and it is wonderful to see God at work in our churches releasing spiritual gifts to many individuals.

When this is the gift of prophecy some people can find it difficult to develop their gift and may be easily misunderstood. Speakers of Life Essex provides the opportunity to understand, train and hone the terrific gift of prophecy.

Currently we meet every two months and enjoy a Saturday morning of discussion, teaching, conversation and prophetic ‘activations’. We always spend time listening to God in small groups so that we may ‘strengthen, encourage and comfort both individuals and his church (1 Cor 14:3).

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SOLE meeting 1

An enjoyable time at SOLE

Treasure Hunting

In addition to our regular meetings we enjoy ‘Treasure Hunting’. Small groups of prophets pray and listen to God for ‘clues’, which we use to help us find his ‘treasures’ – people that God want to bless. This is a brilliant form of prophetic evangelism – many people are blessed, the kingdom of God is extended and it’s great fun.


  • Encouraging, supporting and developing prophetic gifts
  • Personal prophetic prayer
  • Training to develop personal prophetic gifts
  • Prophetic Treasure Hunting
  • Speaking and ministering the life of Jesus – including healing and other gifts working together with the gift of prophecy.
Paul in action

Paul Green, leader of SOLE

Speakers of Life Essex

We endeavour at all times to ‘see what God is doing’ and follow him. We do this by engaging our prophetic ‘senses’ and asking him to lead us.

Passages from the Bible

“But one who prophesies strengthens others, encourages them, and comforts them” – (1 Corinthians 14:3 NLT-SE). “I wish you could all prophesy” – (1 Corinthians 14:5 NLT-SE).

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