Prophecy Training

Releasing the Prophetic through Practical Learning and Discovery

wire pictureWe are often asked to lead Prophecy seminars and provide teaching or training in prophecy and other Kingdom activities. This may be focused on a particular activity, such as Treasure Hunting, or be more general and cover a wide range of prophecy topics. Quite often we have been involved in working with a church or group to discover how prophecy works in association with other gifts – in particular how prophecy might be adopted in practical ways, for example with a prayer ministry team or in the strategic vision for a church or business.

Prophecy is an amazingly flexible gift and has wide application. We have found that churches of all denominations and backgrounds have benefitted from enabling this ministry, which can take many forms to meet particular circumstances. More traditional churches may adopt contemplation and listening whereas more charismatic churches or youth groups may be attracted by the creative and energetic forms of prophetic evangelism.

If you have some thoughts in mind or simply want to chat over possible applications of prophetic ministry, please get in touch by e-mail or phone.

Examples of topics for seminars or components for a training day are provided below.

What is prophecy?

  • How do you recognise a prophet?
  • Hearing God’s voice
  • Enjoying God’s company

Overflowing prophecy

  • Exploring new territory
  • Prophets at the edge of the inside
  • Growing our personal experience

Prophecy in Practice

  • Receiving and exercising the gift
  • Prophecy in a church context
  • Prophecy in daily life
  • Good practice

Testing prophecy

  • Understanding and Interpretation
  • Handling difficult prophets
  • Balancing prophetic words

Theology of Prophecy

  • Old and New Testament
  • Jesus the prophet
  • Understanding, Interpretation and Application
  • Role and function of a prophet
  • The prophetic gift as part of the Mission of God
  • The prophetic gift as part of the Body of Christ

Styles of Prophecy

  • Seers, Dreamers and Prophets
  • The mystics and mysticism
  • Listening and dreaming
  • Meeting Places
  • Active Contemplation

Application of Prophecy

Prophecy in association with other gifts such as:

  • Bible study and interpretation of Scripture
  • Evangelism
  • Healing ministry
  • Hospitality
  • Preaching
  • In combination with other gifts and talents

Everyday life

  • Community
  • Work place
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Creativity


  • Traditional and reflective services
  • Charismatic services
  • Discipleship and Conforming to Christ
  • Church vision and direction

Treasure Hunting

  • What is it?
  • How to do it
  • Good practice
  • Examples and stories


  • Team listening
  • Beach ball
  • Pop-corn
  • Threes
  • Fire tunnel

Typical event summary

birds from cage pictureExploring prophecy through Interactive seminars and practical workshops. Topics will engage those exploring prophecy as well as experienced prophets.

Paul Green is a lively speaker and brings considerable experience of prophetic practice in church, at work and in evangelism.

“Prophecy releases people from cages of discouragement”
Dave Parker