Course Aim:

The aim is for delegates to be able to lift and handle loads in a safe and efficient manner, reduce the risk of injury and conform to the 1992 EEC Legislation.

This course meets the statutory requirements of the Health & Safety Executive.

Duration: Half Day.

Target Group: Anyone involved with the lifting and handling of loads.

Course Content:

• Show how it is possible to keep body stress to minimum in a number of given handling activities.

• Identify immediate and cumulative effects of strain and sprain injuries • Practical exercises on correct lifting techniques, Pushing, Pulling, Lifting, Twisting

• Repetitive strain injuries, use of hand mechanics

• Group Lifting

• Adopting a positive attitude towards safe systems of work

• Suggest ways to eliminate or control any handling hazards or unsafe handling practice within their area of control

• Course review and evaluation

Course Benefits:

• Reduce the number of manual handling injuries

• Reduction in company costs due to reduction in incident related costs

• Reduce the number of lost working hours

• Improve productivity of the workforce