Course Aim:

In April, 2015 the new CDM (Construction Design & Management) Regulations replaced the current regulations. This course describes the new responsibilities, particularly those of Clients, Principal Contractors, Designers and the Principal Designers.

The course gives you an informed understanding of the roles and responsibilities that now exist under CDM 2015. It highlights the dangers and pitfalls that lurk within the legislation, and the opportunities for interpreting the requirements positively into an improved management process.

It is a practical, concise guide to how to do things well and avoid trouble, that draws upon the lessons of experience in practice.

Target Group:

People who need to understand their responsibilities under the 2015 CDM Regulations; the workings of the CDM Regulations; how to use systems to meet the Regulations and simultaneously to improve the project process.

Course Content

  • Appreciation of the Regulations

  • Duties of the Client

  • Duties of Designers

  • Duties of the Principal Designer

  • Duties of the Principal Contractor

  • Communication & Records

  • Assessments of Competence

  • Risk Assessments and Method Statements

  • Enforcement action

  • Monitoring design

  • Pre-construction Information

  • Monitoring the construction phase – design changes, etc

  • Health & Safety File

  • A rigorous case study exercise carried out in teams