Anorexia Nervosa: Voice Of Ana: Help To Heal

 Anorexia Nervosa Voice of Ana

Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP trainer and Eating Disorder specialist Debbie Williams has recorded this video to help anorexics deal with the harsh internal voice that is keeping them trapped in their painfully thin body.

Anorexia nervosa can be overcome with hypnosis and NLP and tough love. It can be done. Debbie has helped many clients over the years to learn to eat normally again and to get on with their lives.

Anorexia calling;

‘Ana’ the voice of anorexia nervosa can still taunt many anorexics with her harsh rules as well as bulimics who were once anorexic, can still be tortured by their internal dialogue.  This video will help to transform the voice of ‘Ana’ and give back the power of your inner world.

Anorexia nervosa video; Whats on it?

This video will take you into a gentle trance so listen to it often if the voice of ‘ana’ has been an issue for you.

You may want to watch it first time with your eyes open and just listen to the words and you will find your mind will draw you back to listen to help you to heal .

More hypnosis help for ‘Anorexia Nervosa’

Have a look at my webshop and you can also get a copy of my ‘Stop Anorexia’ hypnosis recording from here

Anorexia Nervosa is quite a complex disease and it is highly recommended you consult your doctor and get as much suppoort as you can.

Many times its much easier to treat the anorexic who has flipped over to bulimia as at least they are getting some nourishment in their body and can think more rationally.

Please check out any of my other free videos on issues such as self esteem and negative thoughts as well as OCD ones as there is much information which can be useful to anyone suffering from Anorexia Nervosa.


Birmingham Based Food- Disorders Specialist Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner Debbie Williams studied with the best in these fields including Dr Richard Bandler who she assisted since 1995 and Paul McKenna. Debbie had bulimia herself for over 10 years and was able to train herself to eat as a normal person does using NLP and hypnotherapy. She has produced many self help videos to support others as well as inexpensive hypnosis recordings covering all issues around eating problems.
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2 Responses to Anorexia Nervosa: Voice Of Ana: Help To Heal

  1. Dave Gipps says:

    Hi debbie.  This is my personal account of my daughter’s visit to debbies clinic… my daughter leah is suffering from anorexia.  She has been having weekly visits to our local nhs eating disorder clinic for the past month.  Gradually seeing my daughter who we love so much being taken from us by this terrible illness  and feeling totally lost of what our options were to get her better. Me and my wife spent hrs on the net just trying to understand what the hell this illness was and what to do next as …. without slagging the nhs off too much leah was infact still losing weight.  Debbies homepage was staring us both in the face. Well … it looked good…. I read the blogs…. were they set up by her friends. ? Who knows.    …..  I asked debbie how could she help leah and what could she do that the so called councillors at our local clinic couldn’t. . I  booked appointment for sat 14th sept 2013 .  Just under 3 hrs and £300 lighter we left the clinic.  We both felt on top of the world with the work that debbie had done and how positive leah was feeling. On the way home I stopped at the garage.  I couldn’t believe that leah went in the garage and got a bar of chocolate and ate it there and then.  Then a salad roll.  .it is now sunday 15th and one day later leah has just ate a lamb roast dinner.  After her breakfast of course.. we will be contacting debbie again because leah could still relaps.  £300  for my daughter’s life…..  because thats what it could of boiled down to.   I cannot thank you enough.   .. dave ( essex)

    • Thanks Dave

      Its fantastic that Leah and you both feel so positive. Now it’s training time. mastery of lean, healthy happy habits. As I said in the session I didn’t agree with the councillors comment that ”Anorexia has really got you”‘ which is a really unhelpful suggestion ( even if it was true)
      I could see how Leah had fallen into this ‘Habit’ with the things which had happened in the last 6 years and stuff which was beyond anyones control. The anorexia pattern gave her certainty and some control back in her life.
      Leah was ready for help and unfortunately even the most well meaning therapists don’t have a clue what to do to really help.
      Hopefully we lifted a great burden of her shoulders and a different perspective on what happened in her past, ( without going over and over it) giving her a greater understanding, but more importantly strategies and tools to get back to living a normal life.
      As she masters those techniques and does her homework she will be learning skills which will give her emotional mastery over time and I think she may be able to look back and see anorexia was actually a blessing.
      Consistency is the key and isolating “bad days” as learning days where if you ask “What do I need to learn to make my life better, and how can I master lean, healthy, happy strategies?” will ensure she gets back on track.
      My job in the beginning is to install confidence, belief and mindsets of healthy lean people to help her conquer anorexia and leave that in the past where it belongs.
      Anorexia is a horrible disease and does need the right support especially in the beginning until Leah is strong enough to argue with those anorexic thoughts and oust them from her mind.
      Listening to all the hypnosis recordings will help as everyone will lift stresses as well as plant good strategies in mind for mastery over emotions.Thinking ‘I’m on a diploma course’ for the next 12 months and doing what needs to be done will ensure anorexia never comes back as Leah will have tools to deal with anything life gives her.

      All the best