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Binge eating help Birmingham

You are a binge eater and want to stop?
I can help you with this as this is an area I have helped so many with on one to one sessions and my lean for life weight loss courses. Ive had personal experience with ( Bulimic and binge eater for over 15 years )
Ive been free of it for over 15 years now by using NLP and hypnosis on myself and since then 1000’s of others with eating issues including helping Paul McKenna on many of his weight loss courses.
Ive also worked with a few clients Paul  sent me as his weight loss method didn’t work for them. ( he has 70% success, more than 9% or less from the diet industry)
I have a brain which is obsessed with finding solutions in a way that is enjoyable too which has led me to knew workable ideas to help you to stop binge eating.


Binge eating, is my past to blame?

Looking into the past for hidden causes and meanings can waste a lot of time and doesn’t actually give you the tools and skills you need to overcome binge eating.
With clients the quickest I have sorted this out has been over 3 sessions and for others it can be up to 10 spread over a year. My goal is to give you strategies of a lean, healthy, happy person which includes strategies on dealing with emotions and stress which are usually the cause of binging.

So its a ‘human problem’ really.

Binge eating can have its roots and causes anywhere and the truth is it becomes a habit whereby the brain links to it as a way of changing things. Bored -Lets binge your brain says, Stressed – lets binge, Tired – lets binge, Someone upsets you at work, lets binge, Feel overwhelmed, lets binge, food is calling me from the cupboard, garage, shop, lets binge ( you would have had difficulty 100 years ago as the availability wasn’t there) Even I’m happy that darn brain thinks a binge would make it even better sometimes!

Changing our minds

We have a brain, but no owners manual and it isn’t user friendly either at times. You know you don’t want to binge half way through but can’t stop.
If you had good self esteem before the binging will rob you of it and make you feel dreadful. It is a habit, no more no less and equally as strong as any other damaging habit.

Switching of a binge

We need to break this linkage and teach you to feel empowered and have a plan to overcome this.
I have an online course which I ask people to imagine they are on a 12 month diploma course of strategies on how to think as a lean, healthy happy person does, so as you gradually master those skills, the binge eating habit fades away as you grow in empowerment.
For my one to one clients I also suggest they get this and have an offer that if they pay for 2 hours with me they get the course for free. It means I can give you exactly what you need to move on from this destructive behaviour.

Skype sessions to stop binge eating

Sometimes I can do sessions over Skype but ideally the first one is better face to face.
Have a read of what the package includes You will see at the very bottom the offer of a double session including thyself help programme.
Kind regards
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Bulimia Help Birmingham

Bulimia Help Birmingham

Bulimia help Birmingham, West Midlands with Paul Mckenna’s assistant and eating disorders expert Debbie Williams from Sutton Coldfield

Watch bulimia experts videos on bulimia nervosa as they can help you to understand your eating disorder and give you some tips to overcome your bulimia.

If you want help to overcome your bulimia there are various options to support you. We always reccommend checking with your GP first.

Bulimia help option one

Having some free hypnosis and NLP to support you on your recovery from bulimia. Birmingham eating disorders expert has many free videos on her youtube channel Debbie Williams NLP to help you.

And more on her Bulimia Tips and Help You Tube Channel 

Bulimia help option two

Birmingham expert has many self help recordings which you can use along side any other treatment plans for overcoming bulimia.

She has a special offer which has over £297 worth of self help recordings for only £99

You can read more here about the binge eating / bulimia offer

You can click on each individual hypnosis product on the list and try one for only £15

Bulimia help option three

Bulimia help Birmingham. Come to the Birmingham Eating Disorders Clinic for regular sessions with Debbie Williams to coach you in overcoming your eating disorder.

You can pay a deposit online to book your session and see the costs here

Or call the Birmingham Bulimia Help Clinic here 0121 241 0728 office hours.

Tips to overcome bulimia nervosa

Some things about eating you may not know

You are not alone with your bulimia eating disorder watch the video below to see famous people with an eating disorder.

Famous people with eating disorders

Free hypnosis trance for binge eating

Watch Birmingham therapists free video for help with binge eating. Bulimia always involves binge eating followed by purging or laxative abuse to get the food out of the body.


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Self Esteem and Eating Disorders

Self Esteem and Eating Disorders

Anorexics, binge eaters think”I’m Not Good Enough”

Overeating because you don’t feel good enough as a person is a pattern many binge eaters fall into. It works as a drug and can have a calming (drugging effect) when food is consumed quickly in vast amounts in the binging trance.

Anorexics starve themselves for the same reason of not feeling worthy or good enough. Feeling like you don’t deserve to feel good could be triggered by events long since forgotten in the past.

Or even a diet with no exit point where there is ‘no thin enough end point’ and the mind keeps making the anorexic eat less and less. By which time they are under the spell of anorexia nervosa.

 Our past can contribute towards low self esteem

Our past can lower our self worth and make us vulnerable to an eating disorder.

Even those who have had perfect childhoods can feel mortally wounded by unintentional remarks as they try to make sense of the world.

Which reminds me of two brothers at Christmas and the eight-year old has given up trying with the jigsaw puzzle and Dad watches as his four-year old has a go he sees his child’s furrowed brow as he is trying to work out the puzzle, “Leave it you can’t do that”, says the father.

Now this could be interpreted in so many ways one of which is ”I’m not good enough.”

 Low self esteem and changing our mindset

If at the identity level you hold a belief that you are not quite good enough then you may sabotage yourself by over eating or starving yourself because on some level you feel you don’t deserve to be lean, healthy and happy.

This may or may not resonate with you – if it does then that belief must be changed or it will come back to haunt you and prevent you from fully overcoming your eating disorder.

There are many suggestions to help your unconscious to eject that and other unhelpful beliefs on Birmingham NLP hypnotherapist Debbie Williams self help hypnosis recordings.

Birmingham Binge eating help

When people come to see Birmingham based hypnotherapist for help to stop binging they say; ” it’s almost a switch goes from one side to the other and that’s it, they have to eat and eat and eat, and just can’t stop sometimes until they feel sick.”

By that point it’s too late, they’ve either eaten so much that they feel bloated, and then the guilt ‘why did I do that, oh no, not again.’

This feeds the self loathing and as the brain knows the first bit of the binge felt good, it helpfully sends out an idea to binge again not long after.

So before long they find themselves doing the exact same thing because their brain is programmed to do that.

Anorexia help in Birmingham

Helping the anorexic let go of some of their tight rules of behaviour and replacing them with ‘rules’ that a naturally lean, healthy person has, helps them to feel safe, in control and gently guides them on the road back to normality.

Mastering strategies of happy people can help build self esteem, confidence and belief of wanting to get well, leaving the anorexia nervosa in the past where it belongs.

Debbie can help you overcome anorexia email Birmingham NLP here or call now to book a session at her Birmingham clinic 0121 241 0728





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How to be lean for life

How to be lean for life

Mastering strategies of how to be lean automatically helps you to move away from bulimia and binge eating.

It wont be easy but it will be worth it. Using hypnosis makes it easier to succeed.

When I run my Lean for Life courses in Birmingham. I ask the participants to fill out what stops them from being lean for life?

In my mind its the answer to all eating disorders. mastering strategies of what lean, healthy happy people do leaving the eating disorder of bulimia, binge eating in the past as you learn new skills and a positive mind set.

The most common answers stopping them from being lean :

No self esteem, I feel self conscious, don’t like myself much, Feel a failure, Don’t plan, Get over hungry then overeat the wrong things, Having to follow a strict regime, It’s the end of the week, I lose weight but can’t maintain the will power, Unable to relax, I need to de-stress, Fear of change, Unable to accept new direction, Not sure I want this badly enough.

And there’s more…

Being fat and fed up, Too busy, Enjoy all the wrong things, lack of motivation, Lack of exercise, I turn to food to make me feel better,  feeling despondent, job doesn’t help, making excuses, I’ll start next week, eating the wrong food, not being organised, Not getting around to making the decision, Eating the kid’s leftovers, Eating too much rubbish.

Drinking too much wine, Travel with work, Feel better, Feeling deprived, I don’t like restricting my self, My attitude, if it’s hard work and no fun I haven’t got time (it takes too long to get results), Negative feelings, Metabolism, Family problems, Not strong enough, To busy to prepare healthy foods, Can’t drag my self to the gym

 Lean for Life Courses

I often read the list out at the beginning of my ‘How to be lean for life’ course and one lady said that sums me up and claimed to have all of the thoughts above!

NLP and hypnotherapy can help dissolve these barriers to long term success of becoming lean, healthy and happy .

You can get my Lean for life course now to work on at home

How to be lean ; Get the right mindset

Other answers teach me how people think, ones like:

To STOP binging, I DON’T want to be fat anymore, to stop the cravings and to not overeat in the evenings to be able to not eat chocolate, to not be self-conscious, to lose excess weight and DONT regain it again.

Unfortunately setting intentions like this is likely to bring you more of what you don’t want as we cannot process a negative without focusing on it.

Try not to think of a black and striped parrot? – have you thought of it yet – do you see what I mean?  You’re working too hard on what you don’t want so we need to state your outcome in the positive.

My Lean for life programme

On my lean for life programme; what we do will be different. And you can do it for yourself at home.

We plan for success so please, I want to invite you to take this as seriously as you would studying for a degree but I promise you it will be a lot easier than that.

I heard once the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result – diets are a bit like that with a ridiculously low, long term success rate, this will be setting you up to succeed.

Strategies of lean healthy people

By developing your skills to eat like a lean healthy happy person does as it is just a strategy you may be surprised to find your belief about your ability in other areas can change. Beliefs and values generally operate in our unconscious ‘behind the scenes’ if you like, out of conscious awareness, which drives you and influence on everything you do and say.

Hypnosis and NLP to be lean

Using hypnosis and NLP I help your unconscious mind to think like a lean, healthy happy person to break down all of your limiting beliefs and thoughts which have stopped and sabotaged you in the past.

It will make your journey much, much easier than going it alone. Do the course and give it 100% and you will be free of bulimia and binge eating for good.

Read more what is on the lean for life course on special offer here at the moment.

Lean for life 


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The Truth About Bulimia Nervosa

The Truth About Bulimia Nervosa

The process of bulimia nervosa may well involve starving yourself and binging and purging.
This can happen without your full conscious awareness. Its as if you are in a hypnotic trance and cannot stop.
You do it although you know you shouldn’t but you have an uncomfortable feeling of anxiety and an uncontrollable compulsion to eat and eat, planning your bingeing, it consumes your every thought and so you continue the irrational bulimic behavior.
When you start your abnormal eating behavior you engulf 100% of the feelings this behavior gives you, so much so that you lose conscious awareness of everything else around you unless interrupted you will continue to eat then purge the food out of your body.
Another way to look at it is that when you starve yourself or deny yourself so called naughty foods in the believe that if you can be good and only eat healthy foods.
But what happens is your mind and body rebels as you get 100% obsessed with the idea of a binge, perhaps after a hard day at work or someone upsets you or even boredom triggers and idea to binge.

Bulimia Nervosa Hypnosis Trance

You then fall into what is called a bulimic trance again and again. This trance is caused by the releasing of pleasure hormones by your limbic system – part of your subconscious mind – because it is wired this way to give pleasure to stimulus and it is addictive.

Free Stop Binge Eating Hypnosis Trance

Birmingham hypnotherapist, NLP trainer and bulimia nervosa expert has recorded a free stop binge eating hypnosis trance in which you can experience hypnosis for yourself.

Click the link below to try the stop binge eating trance for yourself and take the first step to overcoming bulimia nervosa;

Free stop binge eating trance

There are many resources available to overcome bulimia nervosa from Birmingham Bulimia experts website website 

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Binge Eating Tips To Stop

Binge Eating Tips To Stop

Binge eat and want to stop? Let birmingham binge eating disorders expert Debbie Williams help you

7 Tips to overcome binge eating;

Read the binge eating tips to stop below and start your journey to recovery from binge eating disorder now.

Binge eating tip one

 Have a simple written plan, where you can see what you are going to eat for the next 7 days including ‘treats’ each day to look forward to.
This allows adjustments in advance so you know eating this way will take you nearer to any weight loss goals and its something to look forward to as it has lots of natural foods which will feed your cells and help lower cravings and its balanced with naughty treats so there is no reason to rebel.
I’ve had clients say when its come to 4pm and they are due to get their chocolate treat, sometimes they feel ‘I don’t want it’ which is empowering and tells me they are mastering a lean persons strategy.

Binge eating tip number two

  Ask If I eat this how will it feel over time? allows thinking through the consequences of your choice, it enables you to swap some of the foods on your plan to accommodate having a piece of someone’s birthday cake and have fruit at 4pm instead of the bag of crisps which was today’s treat.
Its what naturally lean, healthy happy people do all the time with no effort as they instinctively know if I eat too much of this I will feel, A, stuffed, B, tired, C, ill D, bloated and uncomfortable.
They are able to see the full movie of how it feels over time ‘upfront’ and make the decision based on that

Binge eating tip three

Eat consciously, make time to enjoy your treat, its a reward and a pleasure, connect and you will feel satisfied.
I’ve had a client say their flat mate makes eating her one cream egg an almost orgasmic experience! 
Give yourself permission to enjoy your food and make it a ritual to focus on eating, tasting and enjoying food, then forget about it and get on with your life

Binge eating tip four

Model what successful lean people do.
Imagine stepping into a lean, healthy happy persons shoes for the day. if they were in charge of your thoughts today how to they feel and act around food.

Binge eating tip five

Keep a success journal of positive things you notice.
This will be your best resource when times are hard to help you stay on track.

Binge eating tip six

Use NLP and hypnosis to help you, whether its through having sessions, learning it yourself or listening to self help recordings, Many studies have shown good hypnosis can really help you succeed.
Birmingham eating disorders expert has a online programme to help you.

Binge eating tip seven

Get a mentor or someone who has been through and come out the other side successfully. All sports people have a coach to help them. Get some support now.

Birmingham Binge Eating Disorders Expert

Debbie Williams is a NLP trainer, Hypnotherapist and Expert in Eating Disorders and Addictions from Birmingham
She runs online programmes to help with binge eating and weight loss
As well as seeing clients one to one for this disorder.
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When Anorexia Turns to Bulimia


Birmingham Bulimia Help

When Anorexia Turns To Bulimia by Birmingham Hypnotherapist, Eating Disorders Expert and NLP Trainer.

Visit the Stop Bulimia Website for lots more helpful videos and information on overcoming bulimia nervosa.

Debbie Williams video recording will help explain what happens when someone with anorexia nervosa starts to also become bulimic.

The ‘‘When Anorexia Turns To Bulimia” helps you to understand what happens when anorexia nervosa becomes bulimia nervosa and that actually it can be a positive step.

The bulimia behaviour allows for some nutrition to get into the body which helps with cognitive processes ( clearer thinking).

The body also is reluctant to starve as an anorexic does as it knows it needs the food for survival, so now the anorexic is stuck with bulimia nervosa as a means to control their weight.

When Does Anorexia Turn To Bulimia?

It can happen for any number of reasons.

Many times this happens when people who have anorexic tendencies or suffer from anorexia, find their anorexia power or coping strategies have been taken away from them maybe through medical treatment or other caring people trying to help.

Or they start to eat and just can’t stop, which they find terrifying.

Perhaps they have been hospitalised and forced to eat more than they want, so at the first chance they may throw up or abuse laxatives.

Maybe on release from hospital as the anorexic is now a ‘safe’ weight, they have lost their power to control their appetite and being bulimic is one way to maintain weight.

Taking on bulimic behaviour lets them carry on with controlling their size, although they all want to be thinner and on the other hand many are desperate to be normal.

Birmingham Eating Disorders Expert

Birmingham eating disorders Debbie William’s video  ’‘When Anorexia Turns To Bulimia” will help you understand whats happening, Debbie also suggest things many things that can help to overcome bulimia nervosa.

There is a free report and lots of help including low cost beat bulimia hypnosis recordings from the website.

Read what is on the Beat Bulimia self hypnosis and NLP recording

This is an example of some of the help available. Normally when Birmingham Eating Disorders Expert sees clients this is just one of many recordings she gives clients to support their journey to wellness and normality.

The package below is much more comprehensive and supportive for someone with an eating disorder read on…

Answer To All Eating Disorders

How to eat as a lean, healthy, happy person with the full programme which can support you on the journey to overcome bulimia nervosa.

Special offer from Birmingham hypnotherapist and eating disorders expert package to become lean, healthy and happy, leaving bulimia nervosa in the past where it belongs.

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Binge eating hypnosis help

Binge eating enquiry

Binge eating disorders expert Debbie Williams received this enquiry about her binge eating recording 

 I am interested in buying your stop binge eating download for £19. I bought something similar from Paul Mckenna that did not work. How is your approach different to Paul’s?

Birmingham binge eating expert replies;

Please excuse the long winded reply but I think it will clarify things better if I explain in this way.

Paul has approximately 70% success rate for people who attend his courses and leave with products valued at £100 plus to support them at home.

Depending whether you went through that process or whether you just bought the book and CD/s then the success rate goes down depending on how much support you have from him and how much effort you put in yourself.

Its very easy to lose focus without a mentor by your side encouraging you.

Ive been a NLP trainer for him since 1995 and have always challenged myself to find other ways to get results that Paul McKenna does as there is more than one road to Rome so to speak and anyone who buys anything from me gets my free monthly life coaching newsletter to help you to stay focused.

Plus I have had the opportunity to work with some of the 30% that it didn’t work for and have made some finer distinctions, as well as drawing on my own journey of recovery from binge eating and bulimia. (free from it now for over 15 years)

That said, some of what I do is similar because it works in helping overcome binge eating.

I was a binge eater myself 

I’ve had my own journey of being overweight as a child ( I loved food and was very greedy ) and bulimic in my twenties and binge eating in my early thirties.

I have been lean, healthy and happy for over 15 years now developing NLP and hypnosis ideas to overcome my addiction to food and to gain mastery over my emotions.

I no longer binge eat and have a good relationship with food. I have been able to help 1000′s over the years with binge eating, bulimia, anorexia as well as weight loss and the answer is the same.

Learning to do what lean, healthy happy people do until it becomes second nature helps you leave the binge eating behind for good.

Binge eating self help recordings

I have recorded lots of help for people with binge eating issues including the titles below which if you click on you can read more about them.

Prices start from only £15 ;

Each one is like having a session with me.Helping a client to overcome binge eating can be done in 2/3 sessions but sometimes can take up to 10 sessions, hence the many recordings if you are someone who needs more support.

Stop Binge Eating
Lean For Life
Weight Loss Made Easy
Stop Overeating
Ditch the Dairy ( for cakes,cheese,ice cream addictions)
Overcome a Chocolate Addiction
Overcome a Food Phobia
Exercise and Enjoy it

There is the special offer with over 12 recordings and so much more which you can read about here;

Overcome binge eating at home 

Each one is like having a one to one with me but with the ability to re-listen over and over to compound the lessons.

The binge eating one has worked for many by reducing their binge eating and for some eliminating it entirely

For others (less than1%) it doesn’t help at all, that is usually people who don’t like my voice or the music intro or polarity respond to my suggestions.

Usually when I see clients for sessions for this the quickest Ive sorted them out has been 2/3 sessions and for others its been 6-10 sessions to retrain them to really master lean, healthy happy people’s strategies.

Binge eaters recovery programme;

This programme on sale now

I have put together a special offer with loads of extra help to stop binge eating and if  bingeing and overeating has been a big problem for you, then this may be the help you need.

Its on offer at the moment and has loads of extra bonuses with it.

You can go the route of buying 1 recording a month and working with it and scaling where you are at the end of the month and if you are sorted then fantastic, if not then look at the next recording which appeals to you.

Here is the link to the binge eating one

Hope this helps

All the best


PS If you wanted one to one help with Debbie Williams you can read more about Debbie and contact the eating disorders expert here;

Birmingham NLP and Hypnosis 

PPS If you wanted to try a free stop binge eating short video trance click here;

Free stop binge eating hypnosis

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Bulimia reply to bulimic enquiry

Bulimia reply to bulimic enquiry

An enquiry came in today from a lady with bulimia asking did I really have bulimia and can it be cured.
This is my reply;
Yes I was bulimic for over 10 years, then binge ate for another 5 after that. It  which was triggered of after my Dad died on Dec 8th 1983, 29 years ago today.
The bulimia didn’t start straight away, I was always overweight as a child and was slimmer as a teenager but still yo yo’d from 10 stone to 13 stone ( but still felt fat) and in my 20′s I had many friends who  were models and I’d trimmed down to 9 stone 12 and yo yo’d down to 9 stone 7 and up to 10 stone.
I felt ginormous next to them, many who were under 8 stone. I discovered from them I could eat and throw up which at first I thought was the answer, of course it wasn’t and it took over my life. I didn’t know at the time it had a name ‘bulimia’.

Bulimia, therapy didn’t help

I had loads of ‘therapy’, counselling, help for my bulimia which didn’t help at all.
 It was discovering NLP which started really helping me to overcome my bulimia.
There is no NLP strategy ( or hypnotherapy strategy) that is geared towards overcoming bulimia and binge eating so through trial and error I discovered what worked. I’ve been very OCD about this, hence lots of recordings around bulimia, binge eating, food issues and emotional stuff and I’m not done yet.
The skill sets of hypnotherapists and NLP people vary as in any profession, with many being well meaning but not really helping anyone with bulimia.

NLP helped me to help overcome bulimia

I have helped many overcome their bulimia and binge eating, many times within 3 sessions ( those clients I think were like my model friends, they already had a naturally lean persons strategy underneath their bulimic eating disorder which I just uncovered again for them) plus they had fairly decent self esteem.
I didn’t have much self esteem and hated myself and now Dad had gone I felt isolated and had even tried to kill myself, I used food as a reward and punishment and the bulimia ruled me.
I am free from any type of bulimia and binge eating disorder, I do have a tendency to be greedy at times but I have strategies which keep me balanced and happy.
My weight stays at around 9 stone 7lbs which is great for my height at 5ft 6
From what you have said, I fully understand how jaded you must feel and in all honesty with the history of bulimia and binge eating you have shared then just those 2 recordings won’t be enough to overcome your eating disorder completely.
It was one of the reasons I’ve bundled some of my products together on this link below and why I chose to give people the extra recording lean for life as that really is where the focus needs to be to finally free yourself from bulimia and binge eating.
Its difficult for me as I know I can help people overcome their bulimia, but trying to get across the connection that I am genuine and have got an answer and am constantly adding new resources to help people help themselves  in an affordable way.
I do get fantastic results with clients overcoming their bulimia and the 20% who don’t get sorted within 2/3 sessions I end up working with for on average 10 sessions spread over about a year.
I’ve tried to put as much as I can of that into this bundle but like my clients, you have to be committed and think Im on a degree course this next 12 months in learning how to master lean, healthy happy peoples strategies which will free you from your eating disorder.
As you do the work I suggest you have a record of what is working and its exactly the same way I ensured I lost the 4 stone I put on in my pregnancy to get back to my lean healthy weight. It requires effort, focus and its a dam site better than staying stuck and unhappy
The reply I send out after people buy the £99 product is on the bulimia treatment page above
Here is the link here again if you want to read whats in the programme
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Bulimia nervosa, time for a new approach?

You have bulimia and may be feeling stuck. I have felt that way in the past and have fully recovered from bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder.
I have been able to help people, all over the world, even when others have been unable with my many self hypnosis recordings.

Tried everything to overcome bulimia?

 People just like you, who feel like they have tried everything  and have given up hope that they can overcome their bulimia and disordered eating and feel normal again.
NOW is the time YOU CAN gain control of your life and leave your bulimia behind you. I’m not saying its going to be easy but its better than the daily struggle you are going through with bulimia at the moment.
Wouldn’t you like to be healthy, happy and lean? without drugs… To be free to focus on achieving your life ambitions without bulimia holding you back.

Let go of the fear

Overcome your fear of putting on weight and letting go of obsessing over food, mastering your mind to control those addictive urges.

Stopping any comfort eating, saving the money you currently waste on food. Have the confidence to stop avoiding going out just so you can stay home and binge.

What a waste of time and your life. The anxiety and low self esteem and the stress is enough to make you depressed.

Bulimia help with hypnosis and NLP

My way of helping you is not the same old treatment methods from clinics or therapists, or even doctors; Ive been down that route and it doesn’t work.
I use a unique combination of NLP/Hypnosis and strategies of what lean, healthy happy people do naturally.

Conventional medicine fails bulimics

Conventional medicine treatment has a failure rate of 90% for eating disorders. This is because the mainstream medical community tries to treat eating disorders by targeting the logical or conscious part of your mind.
In fact, the unconscious mind takes up about 85%-90% of our brain capacity compared to 10-15% for the conscious or logical part?This means is that no matter how much you as a sufferer of bulimia want to stop your eating disorder, unless you re-program your unconscious mind to think, act and feel differently and success will be short lived and you are likely to lose your battle with Bulimia.
You know when you are in binging mode it is like being in a hypnotic trance driven to overeat and binge until the food is gone.


Read more about the stop binge eating self help recording;


If you have problems with a chocolate addiction there is a full length NLP and hypnosis recording


If you are a binge eater or bulimic and need more help there is a free report here


Have a look at the webshop for more self help NLP and hypnosis recordings which you can download immediately from only £15


If you want one to one help to overcome your bulimia or binge eating and can travel to Birmingham email Debbie Williams on


Here is the link  if you want to read whats in the full bulimia recovery treatment programme by Birmingham hypnotherapist and eating disorders expert.



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