Eating Disorder Signs

Eating Disorder Signs

What behaviours may be the signs of an eating disorder?

Some of the signs below may help to determine if an eating disorder may be developing or is already there.

Knowing some of the possible warning signs and behaviours may help others to recognise the problem and get help sooner.

The earlier it is discovered the better the chance for a  complete recovery.


Common Eating Disorder Patterns;

Regularly Skipping meals

Making food disappear

Hiding food in places only you know

Eating in secret and staying away from people at meal times

Regularly Missing family get togethers or parties

Total preoccupation with weight

Sudden and unusual food rituals

Writing or reading only about diets and food

Mood swings that are a sudden change to normal

Rapid weight loss or weight gain

Frequent sore throats,headaches or other complaints

stock piling food

Clearing out lots of food

Total preoccupation with food – writing lists or talking about good or bad food

Eating a lot, then retreating to the bathroom

Buying, using or hiding diet pills, laxatives or enemas.

Over-exercising or over resting because of weakness, dizziness, feeling unwell

General unhappiness and depression

If you experience several of the above you may well have an eating disorder says Birmingham Hypnotherapist and eating disorders expert Debbie Williams.

There are different behaviors for everyone and not all will experience all of the above.

 Eating disorders established early on

Many eating disorders do begin in younger life.  It may be a short experience which terminates when any underlying reasons are resolved.

However the stresses we all face  in later life may cause them to resurface  According to science writer Trisha Gura, eating disorders affect millions of adult women, not just teenage girls.

These serious food issues, including anorexia and bulimia, may if unrecognised, continue to manifest themselves throughout a woman’s life.

Eating disorders cover a wide spectrum, and there’s no one-size-fits-all cause. “Eating disorders are caused by a mix of three things: genetics, psychology and culture,” she says. High-stress life situations—including puberty, pregnancy, marriage and mid-life crises—can often trigger an eating disorder or a relapse.

 Birmingham Eating Disorders Help

Having strategies and tools you can use once you recognise a past  behaviour is a wonderful and simply way to stop them in their tracks!  Remember we become good at things we practise and as simple as it sounds.

Using therapies like NLP and listening to self help recordings can change things even faster. You can work with your GP and use self help products to help on the journey of recovery.

Birmingham expert Debbie has over 30 self help products and some free ones on her website for you to get started with 

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Birmingham Based Food- Disorders Specialist Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner Debbie Williams studied with the best in these fields including Dr Richard Bandler who she assisted since 1995 and Paul McKenna. Debbie had bulimia herself for over 10 years and was able to train herself to eat as a normal person does using NLP and hypnotherapy. She has produced many self help videos to support others as well as inexpensive hypnosis recordings covering all issues around eating problems.
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