Bulimia treatment course

Bulimia treatment help 12 month course

You can overcome bulimia in the comfort of your own home, read more of what is on this home study course which will give you strategies to leave bulimia in your past.

Birmingham Hypnotherapist And Bulimia Expert

Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP master practitioner Debbie Williams has developed this course for you to work through in the comfort of your own home with this bulimia treatment home study course also known as how to be lean healthy and happy.

How To Become Lean For Life

Here is the link to whats in this bulimia treatment home study course which will help you to leave bulimia, binge eating behind you to become lean, healthy and happy http://www.debbiewilliamsrecordings.com/be_lean.htm

Bulimia treatment home study course

This is the reply letter you will receive after purchasing the bulimia treatment home study course;

You may be wondering where do I start with all of this to over come my bulimia? As everyone is different, its going to be a slightly different place for everyone.

Tips for the Bulimia treatment home study course;

The mainstay of this programme is the ‘lean for life’ hypnosis recording and this is the best place for everyone to start.

Look at this bulimia treatment home study programme as a diploma of lean persons eating strategies which you need to learn, practice and master.

It will take time and effort on your part and it will be worth it to overcome your bulimia and binge eating.

Bulimia recovery treatment tip number one

1, Decide this is my year and I will master strategies of lean healthy happy people finally free me from food problems.

2, Start a habit of listening to any of the trance recordings last thing at night ideally every night ( minimum 3 times per week) you can go to bed and fall asleep to it.

3, Make time to do a simple plan for the week and start to fill in the blanks in your workbook.

4, Keep a success journal of what you notice is working, or different positive behaviours ( overtime this will build into a journal of your success, and could even become your book )

5, Lookout for my emails linking to different video help for food issues and emotional issues that may be relevant to you.

6, You can send me an email each month of what is working and going well for you ( taken from your success journal) plus one thing you feel you need help with.

Focus on solutions rather than the bulimia

You must focus 90% on the solution of what you want rather than on the problem, trust me this is the way out from your issue with food.

Part of what I do when I work one to one is always ask what has gone well, as I’m training my client to focus on the positives.

We will process other things related to bulimia nervosa

We still deal with the other stuff but need to appreciate and acknowledge our successes and shrink down the importance of food in our lives so that its one of many pleasures and for the most part its just fuel. ( but enjoyable as well)

More bulimia help advice

I will pick some of the emails and post a blog post with advice to help you ( let me know if its ok to use your name, if not say please change name and I will adapt your email to be less specific)

7  Schedule in ( ideally1/2 to 1day ) per month or more, to listen to several of the recordings and to start to master some of the exercises on them. Think about it as being in a workshop with me and this is what you need to work on for today.

For example;

This is a good time to listen to the whole of the binge eating recording as you can process the content and maybe revisit the exercises 1 week or 1 month later.

You will discover it has a track which you can use if you feel an urge to binge as its like having an hypnotic binge where you feel stuffed but haven’t had any food whatsoever.

Hypnotic binge

This is a good way to use this recording as you don’t want to spend time focusing too much on ‘binge eating”, just enough to process some faulty thinking around that area.

Think about how can I master lean, healthy happy habits and enjoy the journey to success.

The more time and effort you put in the quicker the results

Lean for life

Here is the link to whats in this bulimia treatment home study course http://www.debbiewilliamsrecordings.com/be_lean.htm

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