Birmingham Eating Disorders Clinic

Birmingham Eating Disorders Clinic

What happens in a ”Birmingham Eating Disorders” session?

Birmingham based NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapist Debbie Williams from Sutton Coldfield talks about what is likely to happen within a session of NLP and hypnosis at the ”Birmingham Eating Disorders Clinic”

How Can Birmingham Eating Disorders Clinic  Help Me?

Debbie Williams herself had an eating disorder of bulimia and then binge eating for over 15 years and has been free from it for well over 15 years now.

It was learning NLP and hypnotherapy which helped her to break free of the ties bulimia nervosa and binge eating had over her.

Many eating disorders have an element of OCD ( obsessiveness ) about them.

Debbie used this obsessiveness in search of a possible solution and came up with many very useful tools and strategies to help overcome bulimia, binge eating, anorexia and even permanent healthy weight loss.

This obsessiveness looking for answers led to her developing a system of mastering your emotions and your mind to free you from your eating disorder, whilst gaining a lean, healthy body, emotional intelligence = happiness and peace of mind.

Celebrity Clients For Eating Disorders

Many clients referred to the ‘Birmingham Eating Disorder Clinic’ have been passed to Debbie Williams from Paul McKenna over the years.

Of those most have seen at least 2 or 3 hypnotherapists, NLP people or other Therapists  before, trying to overcome their eating disorders and issues with food with no lasting success.

 Birmingham Eating disorders Clinic

Debbie has the experience to get results fast. Often in 1 break through sessions and a few coaching sessions whereas clients who have been the other therapists have had 10 sessions and still havnt got the results they were after.

Anorexia can take a bit longer but clients feel the positive results after the first session.

Paul McKenna Recommends

”Debbie Williams is a skilled and effective NLP trainer and hypnotherapist”

Paul McKenna

Experienced NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapist

Debbie has assisted on over 50 NLP courses ( all at least 7 days long) with Paul and Dr Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP) since 1995 as well as helping Tony Robbins for 10 years after he first come to Birmingham in 1993.

Debbie also did 2 years Training with British Hypnosis research working with Stephen Brookes at Selly Oak Hospital in 1996/7.

All this time she was continually developing and refining what help would be the most useful to those wishing to be free from their eating disorder.

 Birmingham NLP and Hypnosis Practice Group

Debbie also runs ‘The Birmingham and Midlands NLP and Hypnosis Practice Group’ mentoring other NLP practitioners, hypnotherapists and those interested in NLP and hypnosis to practice and learn more about NLP and hypnosis.

Regular monthly meetings are held in Birmingham contact

if you are interested to find out more.

What does it cost for a session?

Sessions at the Eating Disorders Clinic start from £145

Break through ‘Your Eating Disorder” sessions are £297

Coaching sessions to help you stay on track are £80

Self help programme to overcome binge eating, bulimia and weight loss only £99

Call 0121 241 0728 or go online to book 

A recent client said after just 2 sessions;
Hi Debbie
Unfortunately I won’t be able to make the next appointment Thursday 3rd October. Also I’ve thought about it and you have given me so many tools to help me already so I’m going to go for it using those for now and if I feel I need a top up I’ll contact you then.
Thank you for all your help I will keep in touch with my successes!
Thanks again
Tina : )
Also get your free ‘Stop Binge Eating” Ebook from 

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