Binge Eating

Binge Eating

Binge eating is consuming more food than is necessary often at times when no real hunger is present with compulsive feelings to eat and eat vast amounts of food mainly high fat, high sugar and processed.

Binge eating is like an addiction

Binge eating can become addictive as the brain links eating as being pleasurable and triggers the idea of a binge in response to uncomfortable emotions and feelings, which also numbs like a drug for a short time.

Binge eating and bulimia

Incidentally the only real difference between a binge eater and a bulimic is the bulimic has a rule not to go over a certain weight so purges the food out of the body through being sick, taking laxatives and even excessive exercise to maintain their weight.
Clients for Birmingham binge eating disorders specialist  have included TV presenters, athletes and sports people, business owners, housewives as well as leaders of diet clubs.

The answer to stop binge eating

The answer to stop binge eating is to master strategies of what lean, healthy and happy people do.
This covers all bases of physical and emotional hunger. Diets fail over 90% and can trigger binge eating .

Diets fail 90% time

Imagine you’ve followed the diet religiously and you go in for the weigh in only to discover you’ve only lost half a pound.
The first thing you want to do is go via the chip or tuck shop on the way home and eat something the diet people tell you you shouldn’t.
After all you have a whole week to starve yourself until the next weigh in.

Diets train you to binge eat

You are being trained to binge then starve or to put it another way be good or bad and human nature shows us we want what we think we can’t have.
This black and white thinking is a big part of the problem and can feel like a switch goes of and clicks them into binge eating mode.

Please help me switch of the binge trigger

Often binge eaters say if I could just flick the of switch to stop binge eating.
This is unrealistic to think you can live your life just being ”good” by trying to force yourself to be good and not have anything naughty to look forward to, no wonder the mind rebels.

Birmingham binge eating self help

Birmingham eating disorders expert has many self help hypnosis recordings to help you overcome your binge eating disorder. Recordings you can listen to in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost of a one to one.

Lean for life programme

Here is the link  if you want to read whats in the full binge eating recovery treatment programme

If you are a binge eater or bulimic and need more help there is a free report here

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Birmingham help for binge eaters

Contact binge eating disorders expert here if you want a one to one session in Birmingham

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