Binge eating rehab and emotional mastery

Binge eating, rehab & emotional mastery

Binge eating can be an addictive behaviour pattern that is hard to stop.

An addiction is said to be an unhealthy dependence on a substance such as alcohol or drugs and certain foods which mess with our brain chemistry and become highly addictive to certain people.

We often miss the fact that our thoughts also can become addictive and drive us into partaking in all kinds of addictive behaviour, food, binge drinking and excessive exercise.

Negative thinking can be as addictive as any drug and can pull us back down.

Mastery over our thoughts

Mastering our thoughts and emotions can set us free from our binge eating  addictions. Birmingham based eating disorders expert Debbie Williams has helped so many to overcome their disordered eating at a cost much cheaper than rehab for binge eating.

All addictions have some degree of pleasure attached to it, for example the idea of eating food and throwing it up can seem very appealing to young girls who thing it means they can have their cake and eat it ( and crisps and chocolate and mums calorific  spaghetti boll) with no consequences as they can get rid of it by purging it from the body

Bingeing stops negative moods and thoughts

Its an easy way to change their state or mind and silence negative thoughts and it works in the for a short time as digestion takes more energy than anything, but that doesn’t last, then after a while many find that food begins to control them.

They even wonder why they are doing it still yet at times the urges come to partake in abusing food to feel better; and generally the are then on a roll to fill that empty space inside of them.

Many have binged and thrown up but then outgrown the idea, but for others their mind drives them to binge more and more and when they try to stop bingeing they realise the hold it has over them and many times they contact Debbie Williams for help.

0121 241 0728 to get help to stop abusing food and be free of its addictive hold.

Binge Eating Rehab

Many bulimics and binge eaters start to recognise the harm their bingeing addiction is doing to them physically and mentally.

A challenge that many eating disorders experts find, is when those close to the bulimic or binge eater ask for assistance for a loved one but the actual person does not want to let go of their addiction.

They can go through binge eating rehab and then continue to binge when they come out. Birmingham expert works differently to help change the way the person feels towards food to free them from the hold binge eating had so that they can become healthy, happy and lean for life.

Birmingham based Debbie Williams can help and you can do it with her self help programme ”Lean for life” or one to one.

Either at the Birmingham clinic or over the internet through Skype.


Birmingham Based Food- Disorders Specialist Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner Debbie Williams studied with the best in these fields including Dr Richard Bandler who she assisted since 1995 and Paul McKenna. Debbie had bulimia herself for over 10 years and was able to train herself to eat as a normal person does using NLP and hypnotherapy. She has produced many self help videos to support others as well as inexpensive hypnosis recordings covering all issues around eating problems.
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