Anorexia, What Is It?

 Anorexia Nervosa

We think it means someone who has lost or inhibited their appetite for nervous or psychological reasons which isn’t necessarily true as many anorexics are hungry and conquer appetite with their will power.

This gives them a sense of power that feels like they are in control, but later on they lose their power to the anxieties and dis-ease of anorexia nervosa.

 Overcoming Anorexia

When overcoming an eating disorder like anorexia, you need to know where you want to go so that you can make sure you get there if you do not know then it is a bit like setting out on a journey with no idea of your destination. With a plan you have a track to run on.

 Birmingham West Midlands Help For Anorexia

Birmingham anorexic expert Debbie Williams uses hypnosis and NLP to help her clients on a path of mastering strategies of naturally lean, strong, healthy, happy individuals.

There was a study in America that found only 3% of students leaving college had written down goals of what they wanted in their life, 20 years later the follow showed up that the 3% were worth more financially than the entire 97% put together not only that they were happy well adjusted individuals, this is the power of a written down plan as it gives the brain a focus to  work on 24/7 for your benefit.

With hypnosis to help Debbie  will weave many suggestions that perhaps your conscious won’t fully understand but your unconscious can and will integrate new empowering thoughts and beliefs to help you along the way back to normality.

 Hypnosis recording for anorexia nervosa

Birmingham eating disorders expert has a self hypnosis and NLP recording to help overcome anorexia read about it here 

Having anorexia’s very frightening, especially when you are being pushed towards getting help and treatment that you may not agree with or want.

Sometimes it can be tempting just to try to stay where you are and not change things because you are scared of what might happen. But the trouble is that this is a bit like being in a small boat on a lake with no oars, you will find that if you do nothing you will drift further going nowhere.

Birmingham eating disorders expert Debbie Williams has helped many overcome anorexia nervosa. She has a whole host of support on the Birmingham NLP and hypnosis page here



Birmingham Based Food- Disorders Specialist Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner Debbie Williams studied with the best in these fields including Dr Richard Bandler who she assisted since 1995 and Paul McKenna. Debbie had bulimia herself for over 10 years and was able to train herself to eat as a normal person does using NLP and hypnotherapy. She has produced many self help videos to support others as well as inexpensive hypnosis recordings covering all issues around eating problems.
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