Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Help Birmingham

Hello my name is Debbie Williams and I’m an NLP trainer, hypnotherapist and eating disorders expert. I always work alongside with your doctor as what I do is not a replacement for medical advice.

I’m use a combination of NLP and hypnosis to help you over come anorexia and to re-learn how to eat like a lean healthy happy person does thereby enabling you to feel comfortable in your own skin.

 Getting Clear On Anorexia

If you are not sure whether you want to leave your eating disorder behind, why not make a list of what you think recovery is and is not and whether learning to eat like a lean healthy happy person makes sense to you.

Sometimes seeing things in black and white will give you the motivation and power to decide enough is enough and that you want to get well and I can help you.

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 How Do People Get Anorexic?

Many times anorexia may have started with a diet that takes over, with the initial good feelings of being in control, but then being terrified of putting on any weight and not really seeing how skinny you actually are when anorexia takes over.

 Hypnotherapy & NLP to Overcome Anorexia

We can learn from others too by learning how they run their mind and body, you can train yourself to eat like a lean healthy happy person does thereby putting food back in its proper perspective and allowing you to get comfortable with a healthy weight for you.

When most clients come to us for anorexia it can take 3 to 10 sessions to get their life fully back on track and rather than going to the past and talking over the problem in the hope that it rights itself NLP is much more solution orientated with powerful techniques to make quick permanent changes using your mind to just be well

Repetition is the key to success especially listening to hypnosis tracks, it can help to get over all kinds of issues from self hatred, low self esteem to self harming to loneliness, anger, fear and depression, to help you to move on towards health and happiness. Even just listening to trance will help to lift some of the stress of you to help calm things down.

Some people believe that thinness holds the answer to all their problems and try to obtain it at any cost. And as adulthood approaches for some that added responsibility can be stressful. For long term healing it is very useful and a powerful aid to plan, as the saying goes most people don’t plan to fail they fail to plan. And you can wonder what it would be like to plan to eat like a lean healthy happy person does – I’m curious who do you know who just does that?

If you plan and chart your success of what worked it will help you to get back on track, after any blips you may have such is the nature of anorexia. Know it is ok to have bad days and that it doesn’t necessarily mean everything’s a disaster, as you record success it’s the direction you’re going that matters, to have more good days this week than last, and to get back on track when you need to.

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